Caroline Diani's Farmhouse Update - Guest Bathroom Remodel Part 1

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

When Jeffrey and I purchased our 1752 Dutch colonial farmhouse in Upstate New York almost four years ago, we knew we had our work cut out for us. We vowed to preserve as many of the historical details as possible, while giving certain areas some much needed love. Each time we visit, we work on projects – from installing French drains and a radiant heating system, to putting in slab floors and taking out a wall in the kitchen and living room.

As of late, we've been holed up in our bathroom – tearing out old piping and installing an antique vanity, new sink and faucets. I'm excited to share a little peek into our process. I think it's safe to say that Jeffrey can officially add plumber's assistant to his resume. And, while this room still has a ways to go before we can call it finished, we're enjoying the improvements we've made.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

We started the remodel by ripping out the white wall paneling behind the sink and the toilet, exposing old textured concrete. Then we took out the vanity sink, shelving and mirror in order to get to the old pipes.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

Jeffrey has built a number of furniture pieces over the years – including many of the display tables and shelving units you see at DIANI and DIANI Living. However, plumbing was a new venture for him. He worked with a local plumber, and I think it was a labor of love, but he might tell you differently...

Hudson Valley Farm House Bathroom Remodel

Out with the old and in with new pipes!

Hudson Valley Farm House Bathroom Remodel

Wherever I go, I'm always foraging for antique pieces. I found this beautiful 1800's English vanity at an antique shop in Hudson. I knew instantly it would be perfect for the bathroom. We had our plumber friend cut a hole in the marble top for the sink bowl and I couldn't be happier with how it turned out.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

Next we installed the faucet and handles, which I found at Waterworks. The unlaquered brass finish and old English style complement the antique vanity and marble top. And they'll only get better with age.

Hudson Valley Farmhouse Bathroom Remodel

I found this vintage brass hook and door pull at an antique shop in Edinburgh, Scotland. The gold finish and elegant detailing really ties the room together.

Lastly, we hung a Venetian blown glass pendant lamp in the ceiling. It creates the most beautiful, soft lighting that adds to the room's character.

Next up... rework the electrical, and then close up the walls. We plan to source reclaimed wood to panel up the walls to just below the medicine cabinet and wallpaper the rest of the walls up to the ceiling. Stay tuned for that phase!

Our Hudson Valley Farmhouse continues to be a true labor of love, and we wouldn't have it any other way. To follow along on our remodel and any future projects, check us out @hudsonvalleyfarm


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    Love your style and writing. So fun to follow along with you two creative genius’

    Julie February 24, 2020

    Thank you for sharing your farmhouse with us, you two are sooo creative. What a brilliant idea for the bathroom sink!

    Jo February 18, 2020

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