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Article: DIANI x Raquel Allegra Event Recap

DIANI x Raquel Allegra Event Recap

DIANI x Raquel Allegra Event Recap

While summer seems to be flying by, I’m still reliving moments from a very special event that I hosted a couple of weeks ago at DIANI. Los Angeles-based designer, Raquel Allegra joined us for an inspiring day of shopping and styling, including the reveal of her Fall 2019 Collection and a peek into her Pre-Spring 2020 designs.

Raquel brought along her dear friend and Los Angeles-based sound healer, Erin Castellino who prepared a sacred cacao ceremony with sound bath and meditation. Through this cacao tasting and meditation she transported us to a place of pure bliss. I was immediately inspired by this special cacao and will be offering it to you all very soon at DIANI Living… so stay tuned. The afternoon turned into a full house of Raquel Allegra fans being styled and loved on, with sips and snacks from Juice Ranch. This was truly an event for the books and our customers loved the opportunity to be styled by the designer herself.

Typically DIANI is known for being a shopping destination, but on this special day guests removed their shoes and found a comfortable spot in a cloud of plush pillows and sheep skin blankets (thanks to Raquel). Erin Castellino created a sacred space – thoughtfully adorned with crystals, bowls, drums and feathers – in preparation for a cacao meditative ceremony.

Cacao was first used as a health elixir and ceremonial medicine thousands of years ago in Central America. The active ingredients release ‘feel good’ emotions and open the heart, increasing the connection to your inner self. Erin prepared the cacao drink using a single origin, rare Criollo strain of ceremonial grade cacao that is handcrafted in small batches by a Mayan priestess.

Erin lead us through an amazing meditation and inner reflection.

It was a great way to start the day and how I now want to start every day!

Even the doggies were blissed out.

…And then we shopped!

Left: Raquel Allegra’s Pre-Spring 2020 Collection. Right: Raquel Allegra

Customer Judy Bruton loving on the Camille Dress.

Even this sweet pup, Oso approved 

We sipped on deliciously fresh organic juices from local favorite, Juice Ranch.

Left: Greens & Ginger, Yoda, and Johnny 5 Alive

And refueled with mini vegan Avo Toasts with Almond Cilantro Pesto and Farm-to-Bagels.

I can’t thank Raquel and Erin enough for such an inspiring, nurturing and fun-filled day. It was a wonderful reminder of the power of community, especially a community of women. I’m excited to do this all over again, so stay tuned for a date. Also, thank you to Juice Ranch for hustling to make us so many delicious bites and juices!

You can now shop Raquel Allegra’s fall collection in our store and online at Email for any inquiries.

Caroline xo

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Raquel Allegra Camille Dress, $695

Tangerine Quartz Cluster II, $650

Goddess Floral Sage Smoke Wand, Lavender + Rose, $48

Raquel Allegra Easy Pant, $260

Raquel Allegra Trapunto Popover Top, $295

Tangerine Quartz Cluster, $375

Aura Cleansing Smoke Wand, $40

Raquel Allegra Oversized Crew Neck Sweater, $660

Raquel Allegra Tailored Blazer, $595

The Crystal Fix, $25

Stress Relief Smoke Wand, $40

Raquel Allegra Patchwork Muscle Tank, $445

Raquel Allegra Work Shirt, $560

Raquel Allegra Jumper, $495

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