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Article: DIANI Living Succulent Guide

DIANI Living Succulent Guide

DIANI Living Succulent Guide

With the holiday season drawing near, now is the perfect time to start sprucing up your home. A  succulent arrangement can instantly freshen up any space around your house, from a guest bedroom to an outdoor dining table. Plus, their low maintenance lifestyle is perfect during the busy months ahead.

We called on our in-house botany experts to provide everything you need to know about our succulent arrangements, from identifying varietals and choosing the right vessel to care instructions and health benefits.

If you’ve been to our store, you can’t miss our botany bar. Filled with a variety of fresh succulents, unique vessels and gorgeous arrangements, this is where the magic happens. Our botany experts follow a step-by-step process while creating in order to ensure long lasting, unique arrangements.

First they choose a vessel, which can range from a small pot or ceramic bowl to a decorative urn, or even an old farmhouse door. Next, they choose from a variety of succulents. Picking different heights, textures and colors is key to creating interesting and unique arrangements. Moody green and purple hues are perfect for a fall arrangement.

Before the planting begins, they loosen up each of the succulent’s roots and discard any loose dirt to help the plant acclimate to its new surroundings. Once all of the succulents have been planted, the soil is then covered with pebbles, which helps keep the crown of the plant well-drained.

With a wide variety of vessels to choose from, our botany experts can easily create a succulent arrangement for each area of your home. Starting with the exterior, a great way to welcome guests is with a custom succulent wreath. Choose from a full succulent circle or a partial option.

For those hosting outdoor gatherings, decorate your dining table with a rustic horizontal arrangement. This acts as a beautiful centerpiece and will last well through the holidays. The one pictured above was created using  a vintage Chinese brick mold.

Add some interest to your entryway with this low-lying succulent arrangement. The smooth ceramic vessel instantly brightens up the space while creating a nice contrast with vintage furniture pieces and mementos.

Smaller succulent arrangements can be sprinkled around your home, wherever you feel needs a little refresh. We love adding them to kitchen window seals, on the bedside table in the guest bedroom and on the counter in the bathroom.

Succulents also have amazing health benefits. While most plants only release oxygen during the day, succulents are constantly releasing oxygen, even at night. Give your guests the gift of a good night sleep with a few succulent arrangements on their nightstand.

Succulents also act as great air purifiers. They remove up to 87% of volatile organic compounds, which are found in household cleaners, beauty products, tap water and more. Reap the benefits by adding a couple plants to your bathroom decor.



Below is a simple guide to keep your succulents hydrated and happy throughout the seasons. Since succulents adjust their roots to accommodate the amount of water they receive, you can miss a few waterings and the plant will adjust accordingly.


Needs 1-3 oz of water, depending on the size of the arrangement, 1x a week or when the soil is dry. Make sure its getting morning indirect sunlight and afternoon full direct sunlight or all day full sunlight.


Needs 1-3 oz of water, depending on the size of the arrangement, 2x a week or when the soil is dry. Make sure its getting morning full direct sunlight and afternoon shade or all day filtered sunlight.

Succulent Wreaths

Mist with water 1x a week in the fall/winter and 2x a week in the spring/summer. Make sure it gets direct afternoon sun a few times a week.

If your arrangement needs a full refresh, we offer a succulent rehab option. Bring your plant into the store for a quick refresh or start over with some of your favorite varietals. Prices vary.


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