DIANI Celebrates Mothers Near and Far

Patsy (Caroline's mother), Caroline, big sister, Louise

Mother's Day is around the corner, and while celebrating may look a little different this year, honoring the mamas in our lives feels more important than ever. All over the world, millions of mothers are juggling either working from home or out on the frontlines, away from family while still taking care of their kids, home schooling, working from home, cooking, cleaning, or worse yet, those who are isolated from their children and grandkids... the list goes on. But one thing's for sure, the job of being a mother never stops. To honor all of the mamas in my life, I’m excited to highlight a handful of favorites, from dear friends to fellow colleagues. I asked each of them two questions – "what is the greatest lesson your mother has taught you?" and, "what is one of the greatest things about being a mother?"

I may not be a mother, but I do understand a mother's love and can say that mine was anything but cookie cutter. She left school at 15 to go to secretary school in order to help her parents pay the bills. She had had ambitions to be an artist or designer so was an expressive trailblazer in whatever it was she did...designing our home, cooking meals, dressing herself, planning a trip. She was adventurous and rebellious and always looking for a good time. She taught me to be ever curious, to travel far and wide, to be independent, take risks, to follow my dreams, and make those dreams big dreams. She taught me the art of creating an experience for loved ones, whether a dinner party, traditions at Christmas or someone's birthday. Even though for much of our life we didn't have a great deal, she made everything larger than life. She was fearless, sometimes wreckless, but always authentic to who she was. The greatest pain was losing her to suicide when I was 22, but it taught me the hard way that every ounce of life should be enjoyed, peeled like an onion and you should never put off till tomorrow what it is that you could do today.

This has been a lovely reminder about what's really important during these times. Memories are everlasting and a mother's love lasts a lifetime. As we continue to love on all the mamas, I invite you to share your story and answer the same two questions with a photo for an opportunity to be featured in next week's Mother's Day celebration part 2. Those entered will be added to a random drawing and we will gift the winner a DIANI Cookie Box and The Cookie Book, by Rebecca Firth. Please email me at caroline@dianiliving.com with your name, your children's name/s and ages, and your responses to the two questions: What is the greatest lesson your mama has taught you and what is your favorite thing about being a mother? I'm so looking forward to hearing from you and celebrating you and your mama. 

Happy Sunday! 


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