Country Home: Simplicity Found

Around this time last year, the lockdown had just begun and Jeffrey and I were hunkering down in our Santa Barbara home when we got a surprise opportunity to have our Hudson Valley farmhouse featured in Country Home magazine. The photoshoot was to take place at the beginning of June, so we played it safe and road tripped across country in late May. Fast forward to almost a year later and we’re excited to see our 1750s Dutch Colonial farmhouse in print. Out this month for the magazine’s spring issue, this article features a glimpse inside the renovations, interior design choices so far and the lifestyle that comes along with spending time in an old stone house out in the country.

 (left) Handmade Ceramic Cereal Bowls, Salad Plates, Dinner Plates, Dessert Bowls

(left) Glass Highball Vases and (right) similar Vintage Candlesticks and Square Tapers. Similar Vintage Stripe Linen Pillow. Similar Oval Bowl 
(left) DIANI Mazuri Candle, Face Oil and Perfume on desk, Belgian Linen Throw on bed

A big thank you to writer, Jennifer Blaise Kramer, photographer Nathan Schroder, stylist Anna Molvik and, of course, Country Home magazine for making this all happen. It's been a treat to share our home with you all and such a special place that we have been slowly restoring, while continuing to preserve the historical architectural details. Our hope is to share its many stories and steward it on to the next generation. You can see more on the farm's instagram @hudsonvalleyfarm


Sending lots of love,


All images courtesy of Nathan Schroder 

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    Thank you so much, Ashley and Supriya. So appreciate you following and sharing such kind words. xoxo

    Caroline Diani March 27, 2021

    Absolutely beautiful!!! The combination of acknowledgment for the history of the house with touches of your modern influence create a magical home. You have such a talent :)

    Ashley March 24, 2021

    BEAUTIFUL! There is warmth that you all have created that just comes through these photos. That warmth and beauty with details that are practical and purposeful that I’ve found in the Diani home store is coming through these photos in this home you all built. The work it must have taken to get this put together must have been a lot. It just looks so warm and beautiful. congratulations!! :)

    Supriya March 21, 2021

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