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Article: Celebrating What's Going Right

Celebrating What's Going Right

Celebrating What's Going Right

I recently read a quote, “You’ve got to celebrate what’s going right”, and I thought there was no better time than the beginning of a New Year to reflect on that sentiment. It’s easy to focus on the fact that we’re entering the third year of the pandemic, fed up with all that that means and wondering when we’ll ever have it behind us. Knowing that more than one thing can be true, and that everything gets messy sometimes, it’s where we are and it is what it is. And within this “is” is a lot to be grateful for…And, I may have wanted a pretty sunset for the last day of the year, but this is what it was and it was perfect. 

When I ask myself, am I ok with what is, I know now with the experiences I’ve had and learned from, that I am. I’m fortunate to have my health and have the support and love of my husband and close friends. I am beyond blessed to have such a generous team around me who give so much of themselves to DIANI and all our wonderful customers. Without any single one of them, and you, our customer, DIANI would not be what it is. How can I think of my situation as anything less than a unicorn gift?

2021 has taken so much from so many around the world - their health, loved ones, livelihoods, homes - and everyday we get to frame and reframe our existence here. What matters most, who matters most and how we set intentions with all that we know to be true.

I think we’re all better equipped to handle change than we give ourselves credit for. And it’s entirely possible to thrive when forced to change. When change is ushered in with a foundation of trusting and loving yourself, and those around you, I believe we have the capacity to be grateful for all that we have. And, in the face of change, are better able to cut through the negativity that creeps into our daily lives. In the wake of that gratitude, I find what opens up is a space to look outward at the experiences of others, and feel part of the whole world. When I feel part of something bigger than myself, I see that so many people have so much less and yet, are ok with "what is" and are in fact thriving. And it inspires me to be more grateful and reassess priorities.

When I read statements like 2022 is going to be “your year”, or “the best yet”, I wince a little. What I hope for, is that if things don’t change in the way I want them to, or if it stays pretty much the same, I trust that I can continue to focus on my blessings, and fill my little corner of the world with some compassion. In 2022, can I be grateful for “what is”? That’s my intention.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your support this past year and wishing you peace and health in 2022,


Love this! Beautifully written and said!!!


Another beautifully written reflection. I’ve had a similar thought tumbling around in my head the past few days, being grateful for “what is” in light of so much “your year” and “best year yet” swirling around. I think there’s so much peace to be found in simply being grateful for and taking in stride what God hands us. Xo


Thank you always for your positive feedback. Kristine


Lovely inspiration!
Thank you,
Carolyne Ferguson

Carolyne Ferguson



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