Caroline's Thoughts On Finding Balance In 2021

With each New Year comes the trend to get on a health kick. I'm as guilty as anyone for falling into that cycle, only to be disappointed when I haven't followed through a few weeks in. And with it being my birthday at the end of the month, I find it even harder to stick to something. So, this year I'm approaching wellness differently, and instead of setting limits, I'm working on finding balance. By pausing to listen to what I really need, and questioning what I do for myself and why I do it, I've begun to weed out what isn't working and make room for more of what I enjoy. To kick off this New Year, I'm excited to feature a new monthly wellness series, sharing how I'm finding balance in the New Year.

While working from my farmhouse in Upstate New York, and even though I'm in front of a screen now more than ever, I still find moments of time to step away and play... especially when we have fresh snowfall. Stepping outside, even if it's only for ten minutes, has the ability to significantly shift my perspective and allow me to plug in to nature. So taking breaks to go on a walk with Nala or catch the sunset with Jeffrey have become necessary practices that bring balance to my day.

During the winter months, I've started implementing an evening ritual to end my work day. I get the fire going and pour myself a hot water and lemon and a sidecar of tequila. Like many friends that I talk to, a drink at night has helped in managing the nerves around living through a pandemic. While wellness has become a popular term, I often feel that it can so easily be exclusively about diet and working out. And I've found that to be a slippery slope to obsession or a cycle of guilt when I fall off the "plan" whatever that is. I've been working on shifting my focus and leaning more into the things that bring me joy and making sure to create those moments that make me happy. Not only has this shifted my mental state, but my body feels more relaxed too. 

I'm all about creating candlelight this time of year to help lift my spirits when the days are shorter and darker, so I always keep a healthy stock of these beeswax square tapers on hand. And it's a great ritual to help me to slow down and unwind as I transition into the evening and time with my husband. 

I've discovered that part of finding balance in my life is finding the moment of magic. And even though it may be time for bed, if the snow globe outside keeps getting better, I take the time to bundle up and go outside one more time... there's no guarantee it will be there in the morning. And that's one of the many beautiful lessons learned when I tune into nature. It's ever-changing. Sometimes, if you blink, you miss a glorious sunset; if you sleep in, you miss a spectacular sunrise; if you have your eyes buried in a phone while on a walk, you miss the deer passing in front of you. I know I will never regret tuning in when I take those moments of time that I know will bring me joy.


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    Gorgeous! Love this post. Thank you for the inspiration.

    Jen January 10, 2021

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