Caroline's Summer Wellness Essentials

Oh, the heady feeling of summertime and all that it has to offer – the warm sun on your skin, the taste of fresh vegetables picked from the garden and the overall feeling of wellbeing. However, with all of the added outdoor activity and longer days, this time of year can also leave me feeling a bit depleted if I don’t stick to some tried and true rituals to keep my immunity in check and energy at its peak. To help me recharge and feel my best, I turn to my favorite summer wellness essentials – from a go-to morning smoothie and sun protection picks, to my current summer read and evening wind down routine, and I’m sharing them with you here…

Most mornings I feel as if I'm running out the door, so a quick, easy and healthy breakfast is necessary for starting my day on the right foot. One of my go-to recipes is the Oaty Raw-Nola recipe from Aussie-based Harriet Birrell's plant-based cookbook Whole by Natural Harry. A no-bake alternative to granola, this simple, quick and delicious recipe uses minimal ingredients that you likely already have on hand – oats, dates, cinnamon, vanilla and salt. I sprinkle it over coconut yogurt and fresh berries, served in my favorite wabi sabi dessert bowl

Whole Cookbook and Dessert Bowl

Keeping my skin protected from the sun has become a priority, especially after my dermatologist caught something nasty on my nose a few years ago which had to be removed and left a nasty scar. Whether I'm on a walk with Nala, out in the garden or at the beach – the Gardener Lattice Hat goes with me everywhere. Handcrafted from palm straw, it has a stretch headband and a lock stitch weave to prevent unraveling, plus it floats if dropped in water. I've tried countless sunscreens and found one that is clean, effective and non greasy. This Mineral Sunscreen from Salt & Stone is lightweight with a 30 SPF, plus its water and sweat resistant. Formulated with Hyaluronic Acid, Ashwagandha and Non-Nano Zinc Oxide, it soothes and moisturizes my skin while blocking UVA + UVB rays. 

Gardener Lattice Hat and Salt & Stone Sunscreen

With bathing suits, shorts and sleeveless dresses on heavy rotation, caring for any unwanted body hair becomes part of the summer routine. For shaving, I swear by the Safety Razor for a smooth, irritation-free shave. Made from solid brass, this razor is a great plastic-free and sustainable alternative, and the single blade gives you a closer shave without dreaded razor burn. To keep my skin moisturized, I use the Body Oil from Susanne Kaufmann as a shaving oil or moisturizer post bath or shower. Made from a blend of marigold, rosehip and jojoba seed oils, the scent is truly divine. 


Safety Razor and Susanne Kaufmann Body Oil

When that afternoon slump hits, I need to fuel my body with something easy and nourishing to keep energy levels up. My go-to in the summer months is a superfood smoothie filled with fresh greens, berries and my favorite supplement powders. The Green Adaptogen from Sun Potion is a blend of suma, chlorella and maca root to support immune health, energy levels, stress, and overall wellbeing. I also mix in the Yin Power, a Ayurvedic herbal powder that also supports immunity and energy, but balances hormones too. I see a big difference when these two are included in my daily routine.  

Sun Potion Yin Power and Green Adaptogen

When I've been able to squeeze in some "me" time while traveling around England, I've been grabbing a book and towel and laying out (usually by a lake or ocean while Jeffrey swims). I've been enjoying the Mary Oliver Collection, which includes four of Mary Oliver's most beloved books – A Thousand Mornings, Blue Horses, Dog Songs and Felicity. Her poetry has been a favorite of mine for years and I was so excited to see a collection come out. Her writing is thought-provoking, inspiring, expresses the natural realm with such purity and is easy to pick up and read in short sittings. The Tensira Fringed Throw is my favorite for lounging on and drying off post swim. It's made by artisans in Africa using hand-dyed cotton and traditional looms for a special piece you'll use time and again... and it's cute to tie around yourself as a skirt or halter dress.


A Mary Oliver Collection and Tensira Fringed Towel

Establishing an evening routine in the summer months really helps me to unwind and reset. When I've been traveling in the car or on the plane, I like to use this Body Ionic Massage Brush to revitalize and stimulate circulation. It only takes three minutes to massage your body from head to toe and you'll be pleasantly surprised with the results. And when I don't always have time for a luxurious bath, wrapping up in this Heron Robe Gown is a luxury in and of itself.

ionic massage brush and heron silk robe

My skin experiences it all in the summer months – oiliness, dry patches, redness, the occasion acne. So to revitalize, I use Orgaid Face Masks. This three pack includes a mask for every skin need – anti-aging & moisturizing (my favorite), greek yogurt & nourishing and vitamin C & revitalizing. I love having options and each one comes in an easy-to-travel with pouch. A chic take on the classic house slipper, the Anna Shearling Slipper is comfortable without sacrificing on style. And the leather sole is suitable for wearing out and about too – even if it's just to take Nala out. 

organic orgaid face mask and shearling slippers

The term "wellness" means something different for everyone. For me, it's how I maintain a sense of vitality so I can give my best to my husband, business, friends and family. In the summer it's easy to spread ourselves thin with a busy schedule, especially while traveling. I've learned (and I'm still learning) how to schedule time for myself. And having this mindset and tool kit of sorts is how I make time for myself everyday. How do you reset in the summer months? I would love to hear!


Sending lots of love,


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