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Article: Caroline's Steps For A Smoother Shave

Caroline's Steps For A Smoother Shave

Caroline's Steps For A Smoother Shave

The pandemic brought about a lot of misses — missed hair appointments, missed teeth cleanings, missed yoga classes, the list goes on. When time began to stretch between routine visits to my waxing spot, I reevaluated hair maintenance and invested in a quality, long lasting razor (I never liked my old one anyway). As summer quickly approaches, and we begin to venture out in sleeveless tops and dresses, my skin is in need of a little extra love. With my favorite razor in hand, I’ve started to incorporate a few extra steps into my shaving routine. For super smooth, bump-free skin, here are my go-to tips...

I’ve discovered over the years that the best shave starts with exfoliation. And one of my favorites is this coffee + mint body scrub, with organic ground coffee beans filled with antioxidants and caffeine to revive and firm the skin. Plus, a luscious blend of coconut oil and cocoa butter helps to moisturize leaving skin silky soft. I’ve found this scrub to be helpful at preventing ingrown hairs and build up of dry skin. For best results, I like to get in the bath or shower and wet my skin with warm water first, then massage a handful onto my legs. I don’t always make time to exfoliate before I shave, but when I do, there is a noticeable difference in the quality of the shave and the feel of my skin after.

In the past I would typically reach for my body wash when shaving, but that always fell short, so I've been trying this nourishing cleansing balm, which I usually use on my face. The gel-like consistency transforms into an extra rich lather when massaged into the skin and doesn’t get watery while shaving. It contains active ingredients like almond oil to restore the skin's moisture barrier, rose extract to calm irritated skin, and CBD, which reduces signs of sun damage and uneven skin tone. It's officially replaced soap and shaving cream and is now something I reach for every time I shave.

The key to a great shave is the razor. I had been using cheap plastic ones for years and was never very happy with the results – irritation and ingrown hairs, not to mention tons of plastic waste. When I heard about the Well Kept Safety Razor, I was immediately interested. It's a beautiful elegant design made of solid brass which lasts a lifetime and houses a recyclable single sharp blade that provides a super close shave, reducing irritation. The weighted handle allows you to shave without applying any pressure which dramatically reduces ingrown hairs. Plus, the razor and blades are plastic free and recyclable, which makes it a great sustainable alternative. I learned that over two billion plastic razors and cartridges are discarded annually in the U.S. alone. This small company, created by women wanted to change that. The razors being made of brass will last a lifetime and by using recyclable blades that are a very cost effective alternative to non sustainable razors, you really do get your money's worth with this razor.

It can be tricky storing a razor while traveling or even at home to stay organized. But this razor wrap allows all your shaving essentials to stay in one place. Made from waxed cotton and meant to last a lifetime, this wrap is made specifically for the Well Kept Razor and spare blades. It tightly rolls up to protect the razor and protect your fingers, especially when you're digging around in your travel tote. 

The final step in my shaving routine is to moisturize post shave. I’ve tried dozens of lotions and oils over the years and still find myself reaching for this Susanne Kaufmann body oil. It’s infused with marigold oil, rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil to revitalize and regenerate the skin. Body oils can leave skin feeling greasy, but this one absorbs instantly and contains St. John’s Wort extract which is well suited for sensitive skin like mine. Not to mention, it smells divine!

I think most women can agree that shaving isn't something we generally look forward to, so anything to make it feel less hum-drum and I'm in. Lighting incense is always a great way for me to feel relaxed and present with what I'm doing. And since the season has fully shifted, I've brought out my favorite lightweight robe. Who doesn't love the feel of a soft robe against freshly shaved skin. 

As I get older, I’m learning to love the skin I’m in. And having a simple, effective shaving routine with products I love and that are gentle on the planet definitely helps. 

Sending lots of love,


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