Caroline's Go-To Supplements For Women Over 40

They say age is just a number, but as we all know, time inevitably changes our body and mind. As a woman in my 40s, I’ve discovered that supporting my whole self with movement, a plant-based diet and a thoughtful supplement regime keeps me feeling my best. For me, embracing the aging process has everything to do with how I feel. So to keep me feeling energized and strong, there are a handful of supplements that I like to take daily. From immunity boosting to hormone regulation, these are my favorites and how I like to use them.

As a business owner with a busy schedule, maintaining a healthy energy level is an important part of my everyday routine. I like to add the Yin Power, Green Adaptogen, and B. Powered Superfood Honey to my morning smoothie to start off on the right foot. I typically blend the two powders and honey together with protein powder, fresh strawberries, blueberries and spinach before heading out the door for the day. I also try to remember to take my Shatavari tincture on the tongue throughout the day as a quick pick me up.

The Yin Power is filled with organic, wild-harvested herbs that nourish the feminine energy and help balance hormones and support immunity. I’ve also found it helps to relieve everyday stress, promote circulation and enhance creative energy. And it can be added to baked goods too, like these Honey Infused Yin Dates – which are on my list to try.

While I try to fuel my body with greens daily, as we all know, some days are easier than others. To ensure my body is getting the essential iron, manganese, and folate, I add spinach to my smoothie. I also add Green Adaptogen from Sun Potion. This superfood powder is a blend of Suma, Maca, and Chlorella, which help to promote energy levels, strengthen the immune system and provide essential fatty acids.

When I’m craving a little something sweet, the B. Powered Superfood Honey is a great alternative to chocolate and the perfect addition to a smoothie. This medicinal-grade raw enzymatic honey also has royal jelly, raw bee pollen and bee propolis extract to support energy and improve brain health. You can take 1 tsp each morning by the spoonful or drizzled over a smoothie, latte or on a piece of toast.

Our body’s collagen naturally breaks down with stress and aging, so to slow the process, I’ve turned to Collagen Protect from Moon Juice. This vegan creamer and skin supplement is formulated to help minimize fine lines and hydrate the skin from the inside out using Hyaluronic Acid, Silver Ear Mushroom and Tocos. A friend recommended this spicy warm drink and it’s become a favorite, especially this time of year. I add the Collagen Protect to warmed oat milk along with a few spices and vanilla and sip on it in the evening before bed. See the full recipe below:

1.5 cups Oat Milk (or milk of choice)



1 tsp Vanilla Extract 

2 tbsp Collagen Protect

Warm oat milk in a saucepan, then add a generous pinch of nutmeg and cardamon, plus a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Next, add in 2 tablespoons of Collagen Protect and whisk until frothy. It's a real belly warmer and the spices feel very calming.

As I’ve gotten older, I’ve noticed that the thickness of my hair fluctuates, so, to support my hair health from the inside out, I take SuperHair from Moon Juice. It’s a blend of multivitamins, botanicals, micronutrients and adaptogens that promotes healthier, thicker and stronger hair.

And while supplements are certainly a great support for your body, shifting my mindset during this stage in my life has been equally important (including succumbing to needing readers - these are my current favorites). The book The New Rules of Aging Well has been an amazing tool to help remind me how lifestyle changes can impact my health and the aging process. In it, integrative doctor Frank Lipman shares a simple program to reverse the “normal” signs of aging in order to rejuvenate and energize the body. I’ve shared this book with many friends and can’t recommend it enough. There's always more to learn and being part of a community of wonderful women at all stages of life is the gift that keeps giving. So, as always, I'd love to hear if there's anything that you're finding helpful on your wellness journey and i'm sure it would help others too. 

Sending lots of love,
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    Loved this post, thank you. When it comes to aging, and I have to admit, looking back at my 40’s seems young now, is either something to find a challenge or a beautiful gift. I choose the later. A couple things to mention. I’ve been on this body awareness journey for a few decades now…just when I think I’ve figured it out, and the products are perfect for me, new findings pop up, or my body rejects what I’m so enthusiastically consuming. I’d say, change it up constantly, ask your body, if it’s working your gut will feel good. If it’s not you’ll have an instant feeling in the solar plexis. Oats(all oats) at this point unless organic and even then…are the most sprays with glyphosate along with strawberries of anything. So all oat milk I’ve found is off limits, in my opinion. It’s also a great idea to have an extensive workup done to find out exactly what each of our bodies are lacking, to bring them back to balance. No two bodies are the same, and therefore one persons health miracle can be another persons nightmare. I realize you are also marketing your product lines, but wanted to just mention that. Do love your products!
    Finally, none of this works without JOY, we have to bring joy and thanks into our lives everyday. That’s my few decades of extra wisdom! That you can’t buy or sell, it’s already yours.
    Thank you

    Susan Day September 19, 2021

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