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Fall is my favorite season and there’s no better place to see it in all it’s glory than Upstate New York. The leaves are at their peak this month and it’s the perfect temperature to throw on a jacket and head out for long walks with the pup. And the farmstands are filled to the brim with many varieties of mushrooms, apples and squash… and Jeffrey’s favorite, apple cider donuts. Weekends are busy busy getting the house ready for the winter months and also checking off some of the restoration projects we’re tackling. Through blood, sweat and tears (yes, there has been all three), it’s been very rewarding to see our 1700’s Dutch farmhouse come to life, and I thought I’d share a few highlights with you. 

I can't get enough of the fall colors around this area in the Hudson Valley - Shades of orange, red and yellow are bursting from the trees everywhere you turn. Between work, buying appointments in the city and restoration projects, Jeffrey and I try to carve out at least one walk into our day, knowing that the leaves fall comes all too soon. 

Fall in the Hudson Valley, New York

A short drive down the road from our farmhouse is one of my favorite local farm stands, Montgomery Place. It sells a variety of locally-grown fruits, vegetables, jams, bread and other fare. Right now they have an abundance of mushrooms, from oyster and beech to lion's mane and matsutake. And we have some wild mushrooms growing on our property, but have yet to identify them, so they're staying right where they are until we do! 

Hudson Valley, New York
Hudson Valley, Upstate New York

We love hosting friends this time of year, to share leaf peeping in all its glory, curl up by a cozy fire, and enjoy dinner at some of our favorite local restaurants. This week we have one of my best friends from school days staying and we're spending our time catching up over long walks, lighting the first fire of the season and eating out at places like Foxfire Mountain House. This spot is nestled in the Catskills Mountain and pretty special anytime of year but this time of year is magical. 

Hudson Valley, Upstate New York

And, there is no better way to take in the beauty of fall, while packing in a little culture, than to visit Storm King Art Center, rent a bike, and cruise around the amazing outdoor gallery of sculpture in the setting of the incredible color landscape.

Back at our farmhouse, the latest project being tackled is replacing and widening the old staircases with reclaimed oak. Jeffrey also took the plaster off the walls by the staircase to reveal the original stone wall, which has been an exciting discovery. We decided to expose the same stone wall in a bathroom too. Next step is to point the stone walls, and install bannisters and new lighting. 

Hudson Valley Farmhouse, Upstate New York

We've been slowly updating one of the bathrooms that is right off the living room, and have been patiently waiting for the last year for a custom wallpaper to be hand painted from DeGournay. It will hang above wood paneling Jeffrey installed around the room and give it the luxe finish that room has been needing. 

Hudson Valley Farmhouse, Upstate New York

And one of the most exciting additions to our home has been this amazing outdoor soaking tub from Goodland that Jeffrey installed a couple of months ago. We aren't ready to put in a pool yet, but since it gets so hot in the summer, we decided to get a soaking tub that is great for cold plunges in the summer, but also has a wood burner to heat water too. Jeffrey poured a concrete slab to sit it on and we'll add steps up to it and a patio around. 

Hudson Valley Farmhouse, Upstate New York, Goodland Soaking Tub
Hudson Valley Farmhouse, Upstate New York

It's not lost on me how special it is to spend time at our little slice of paradise. Through all the hard work of restoring a home, comes the reward of sharing it with others and It's such a pleasure to share our place with friends and loved ones, and with you all. Thank you all for following along, and if you'd like to see more, I'm trying to post somewhat regularly @hudsonvalleyfarm on Instagram.

Sending lots of love,


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    Loving all these Autumnal colours and all the progress you’ve been making on your gorgeous farmhouse!

    Gail Bryson October 31, 2022

    Beautiful!! I am an “east coast wannabe”. I spend summers in Nantucket and the last 2 years have stayed until mid October. Its the perfect place. I love Pasadena too but ACK is special. Have fun. That project looks like a lot of work!!

    Vicki Livingstone October 30, 2022

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