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Article: Caroline’s Evening Essentials For 30 Minutes Of “Me Time”

Caroline’s Evening Essentials For 30 Minutes Of “Me Time”

Caroline’s Evening Essentials For 30 Minutes Of “Me Time”

Growing up, showers weren’t really a thing in England - it was most common for homes to have bathtubs. So I’ve always had a fondness for soaking in a bath and it’s been my go-to when I need 30 minutes of uninterrupted “me-time”. Not only is it relaxing, but the ritual of lighting a meditation candle, pouring in bath salts, tucking into a book and then slipping on a robe and cozy slides is just what I need to decompress at the end of the day. Here are some of the essentials I’m loving right now, from bath bombs and oils, to a silky robe and shearling slippers…

Nothing sets the mood like lighting a candle, and right now I'm all about these Rice Wax Candles. Made of 100% rice wax, each of these traditional Japanese candles has a 40 minute burn time making them perfect for quiet moments like meditation, bath time or reading. Lighting these candles is a lovely way to track time without using your phone, and it’s super relaxing too. This set includes 20 candles, plus a candle stand, and it would make a lovely gift too.

Rice Wax Candle Set

I have this wooden bath board that I absolutely love. It sits on top of the bath and acts as a shelf to hold all of my essentials. I can easily grab what I need without having to get out of the bath or reach over the side. Lately it’s been housing a meditation candle, my Hooper Reading Glasses and my current read, What I Know Now: Letters To My Younger Self – a moving collection of letters written by famous women to their younger selves, from Maya Angelou to Madeleine Albright and Eileen Fisher. 

Potager Soap Company Bath Bomb

I also have a Round Stool by the tub to keep other products that I use close by, like my long-time favorite Body Ionic Massage Brush. I use it as a dry brush for a few minutes before the bath to stimulate circulation and the lymphatic system. It’s especially helpful in the cooler months when I feel my body slowing down a bit more. 

And for when I get out of the bath, the Susanne Kaufmann Body Oil is my go-to for keeping my skin moisturized. Made with a mix of marigold oil, rosehip seed oil and jojoba oil, it works best on damp skin as the water/oil emulsion can be absorbed more easily. To wash my face and dry off, I use this super soft and absorbent Wash Towel that's made from 100% organic cotton.

Body Ionic Massage Brush

To nourish my skin during the bath, I've been using these new organic Bath Bombs. Drop one in for a gentle fizz as the bath bomb diffuses ingredients like coconut oil, mineral salts and essential oils into the water. My favorite scent is Secret Garden, with hints of patchouli, lavender and geranium. Handmade in Massachusetts using minimal ingredients, these bath bombs are vegan and cruelty free too. 

Potager Soap Company Bath Bomb
Caroline's Evening Essentials For 30 Minutes Of Me Time

After a long soak in the tub, I use this organic cotton Bath Towel to dry off and then slip on this super soft Bamboo Robe Gown. Lightweight with a silk-like feel, this robe feels as luxurious as it looks. And to keep my feet warm and cozy, the Anna Shearling Slippers are my favorite. A chic take on the classic house slipper, these are both stylish and comfortable.

To dry off my feet post-bath, I step onto this Organic Bath Mat, which is layered over the small Watamu Rug. I love the beautiful print and lived-in design of the rug, and adding a bath mat on top brings out the grey and blue hues in the rug.  

Shearling Slippers and Robe

While "me-time" can be hard to come by, it can be a real game changer to clear my head and bring my best self to the table, in my personal and work life. And it's amazing what 30 minutes of self care can do, whether it's a long soak in the tub, taking a walk outside or chatting with a friend. How do you spend your "me-time"? I would love to hear. 

Sending lots of love,


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