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Article: Caroline's Essentials For Styling A Cozy Lounge Area

Caroline's Essentials For Styling A Cozy Lounge Area

Caroline's Essentials For Styling A Cozy Lounge Area

When I’m feeling the urge to spruce up a space, I almost always start with the room that we spend the most time in, which lately has been our living room. It’s a popular spot right now since the temperatures in the Hudson Valley have barely reached above freezing, so the cozy fireplace in the middle of the room has been a huge source of warmth. To keep things feeling fresh, I’ve added a few new accent pieces to the sofa and nearby tabletops - from throws and cushions to candles and books, these are my essentials for styling a cozy lounge area.

Swapping out throw cushions on a sofa is one of my favorite ways to quickly update a lounge area. I like to play with pattern and texture, and since we're in-between seasons, I'm feeling the dark blue floral print of these cushions (see similar here). Adding floral, whether literal or abstract, evokes the feeling of being connected to nature and I always like to draw on nature for inspiration. The juxtaposition of the lines of the vintage striped pillow create a nice tone between vintage and modern, masculine and feminine. I custom design a collection of cushions using vintage, handmade fabrics to be able to continually express different moods, and seasons and find ways to make them relatable in many different kinds of rooms. 

Floral throw pillows on a couch, hara and milk candles on a coffee table.

I layered one of our bestselling, no skin felted sheep rugs from The Living Rug Company over the back of the sofa. This adds some beautiful tactile texture and is very cozy to lay your head against (dogs love to lay on them too!). It also helps break up a sofa that can often feel overly dominant if not broken up by throws, cushions and elements like the sheep wool rugs. Each one of these felted sheep rugs takes over a year to make using only the sheep’s wool. From growing the wool, to shearing and cleaning and then felting the underside, each rug is unique and 100% cruelty free (meaning the sheep are still happily living their best lives on the farm).

It's always a good idea to have a throw blanket close by to snuggle with on the sofa. I like to drape mine over the arm rest and the Tile Throw is a favorite. This  collection is a collaboration between Teixidors and the renowned British architect, John Pawson. Woven by hand loom in Barcelona, the interplay of shape, color and geometry is a subtle way to add texture with the function of warmth.

Floral and white throw pillows on a couch, felted sheep rug draped over the back of couch.

It's always nice when entertaining to be able to relax in the living room for a post dinner cocktail. So Jeffrey and I made sure to create an area where we could have glasses and a couple of favorite liquors on hand. An antique chest found on Craigslist now houses our favorite liquor, decanters (similar decanters here ) and drinking glasses. To add extra cozy, I’m lighting my favorite Milk Candle. Made from 100% organic soy wax, this candle is a work of art and will instantly elevate any space, plus makes a beautiful gift too.

Hara Candle and Milk Candle on a wooden accent table.
Floral and striped throw pillows on a sofa, Hara and Milk candles lit on a wooden accent table.

A cozy lounge area isn’t complete without a curated collection of coffee table books. I like to stack a few together on any surface I can, to ensure a good read is available no matter where I choose to lounge. Currently on my coffee table: Stones From The Inside, featuring rare images from the former Rolling Stones' bassist Bill Wyman, and David Bowie Icon, a robust collection of images that pays homage to the iconic artist. And, always on hand too - pretty candles to burn like the Hara Candle with the Nest & Eggs matches.

Stack of coffee table books, including Stones From The Inside by Bill Wyman and David Bowie Icon.

On my side table next to the sofa, I stacked a few more of my favorite reads – Wonderland, an anthology of fashion images from legendary photographer Annie Leibovitz, and our current bestseller The Boy, The Mole, The Fox, and The Horse, a heartwarming picture book for all ages that follows the story of four unlikely friends and their most important life lessons.

And to help heighten the senses and bring the chill, I like to light this Breu Resin Bundle incense in a wabi sabi ceramic holder. Palo Santo is my go-to scent, plus it's known to purify the air and the uplifting aroma is conducive for meditation and relaxation.

Stack of books on side table, including The Boy, The Mole, The Fox,  And The Horse and  Wonderland by Annie Leibovitz.

It's the little things that can bring life to a space we use everyday, and there's nothing more satisfying than sitting down to enjoy a room after it's been given a mini makeover. With a few new accent pieces in our lounge area, sitting by the fire just got that much more cozy. And with temperatures this week in the negative double digits, we're all about getting as cozy as possible. 

A cozy living room with throw pillows on a sofa, a felted sheep rug draped over the back and candles on an accent table.
Sending lots of love,


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