Caroline's Coffee Table Update

The home is a reflection of our lives - the travels we take, the treasures we collect and the things that bring us joy. The coffee table acts as an anchor in a living space, and mine is an ever-evolving hub of books, drinks, papers, electronic devices –the list could go on. But I always keep a collection of inspirational books close by, ranging in topics from the arts, interior design and cooking to cocktail crafting and literature. As we slowly transition into a new season, I’ve updated my collection with some new favorites, along with a few things that I consider essentials, so this week I’m sharing what’s currently on my coffee table...

Experience the allure of haute couture with one of my favorite fashion tomes, Women Of Singular Beauty: Chanel Haute Couture. Acclaimed fashion and travel photographer Cathleen Naundorf gains rare access to Chanel's haute couture collections and captures the brand's exquisite gowns revealing the handwork, crafting and embellishment behind each piece. If you or a friend is a fashion lover, this book is a must.

Women of Singular Beauty

A few years back I discovered Eight Homes, and since then it has become a coffee table favorite. From the mother-and-son duo of interior design firm, Clements Design comes a beautiful book showcasing eight outstanding residences that embody the Clements style – understated elegance, Zen-like simplicity, easy glamour and grand intimacy. I love flipping through this book for design inspiration and the way they use natural materials, muted colors and textures to create warm, yet elevated spaces meant for that indoor-outdoor lifestyle.

Eight Homes

While in New York City I saw the late artist, Jean-Michel Basquiat's retrospective. It left a big impression on my art-loving soul and I knew I wanted an easy reference of his legacy. Jean-Michel Basquiat: King Pleasure is an incredible book exploring Basquiat's contributions to the arts, music scene, pop culture, African American sports figures and literature. It tells the story of his life from the lens of his family and friends and includes unseen paintings, drawings and sketches.

Jean-Michel Basquiat
Caroline's Coffee Table Update

Home design magazine Rue recently published their first book, an accessible guide to creating your ideal space. Home With Rue is filled with ideas to help anyone imagine, plan and create their ultimate living space. Each chapter focuses on a different space and explores a variety of complementary aesthetics. Included are tips and tricks from top designers – a wonderful resource to have at arms reach.

Home With Rue

Jeffrey and I are big music fans and we always have something playing in the background around the house. So it's no surprise that one of our all time favorite coffee table books is Stones From The Inside: Rare And Unseen Images. This book captures life on-stage, backstage and on the road through photographs by former Rolling Stones bassist Bill Wyman. This is a unique view of one of the world's greatest rock 'n' roll bands captured by a man who was there every step of the way. 

On The Farm

As an animal lover, I'm obsessed with one of the newest additions to my coffee table, On The Farm. It features a beautiful collection of animal portraits by renowned animal photographer, Aliza Eliazarov, alongside surprising facts, stories and captivating histories of heritage breeds on regenerative farms in America. Animal lovers, homesteaders, and photography fans alike will cherish this charming book.

Caroline's Coffee Table Update

Aside from books, there are a few décor items that bring warmth and organization to my coffee table. This Rattan Cayman Tray is my favorite for keeping smaller items together, like this Gather Candle, Match Striker and Matches. To add soft light and ambiance, I'm loving the classic style of the Silo Taper Hurricane. This Dandelion Paperweight is unique and special and each dandelion is handpicked in the UK before being dried and preserved. A lovely addition to any room in your house. A crystal adds color, texture and good energy in your space, and there's no better place to enjoy looking at it that the coffee table. This red phantom quartz has beautiful fall hues of red and black hematite. A vase for gathering foliage or flowers in is always a great idea for decorating a coffee table and this mouth blown jewel vase is a great scale for making a statement. 

Caroline's Coffee Table Update

My coffee table is such an important part of my living space since I spend much of my time here from season to season – whether I'm working, sipping a drink in front of the fire or reading a book. It's oftentimes the source of a lot of creative thinking and planning, so rotating in new treasures is a fun routine. I'd love to hear what some of your favorites are on your coffee table. 

Sending lots of love,
Caroline's Coffee Table Update
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