Caroline's Bucket List Cross-Country Road Trip

Driving across this big country has always been on my bucket list. When a surprise opportunity came our way at our farmhouse in New York (stay tuned to find out more), the timing couldn't have been better and we knew we couldn't pass it up. We've been hunkered down for over two months working from home and had started to feel the call to get back to our farmhouse anyway. Given the current health concerns, we didn't want to stay in hotels along the way, so we decided to take the hotel with us and rent an RV! We are en route and probably when you read this, we'll have made it to Alabama or Mississippi and I can already tell that this is a trip neither one of us will ever forget. It's been just the breath of fresh air we needed, and for Nala too.  

Knowing we were spending a lot of time in the RV, I wanted to make it feel like a little slice of home. So, I packed a few of my daily essentials like Moon Dust sachets for when I need a little boost, Ursa Major Face Wipes for a quick skin refresh, my Double Wall Tumbler and these sunnies that I've been wearing on repeat. And, since Joshua Tree was going to be our first stop, I had the chance to visit the Wonder Valley Oil Shop. I had heard amazing things about this small-batch oil and was excited to pick some up to use along the way.

Joshua Tree had just opened back up a day before we arrived so it was super quiet and we were lucky enough to grab a beautiful spot. The terrain was breathtaking – huge boulders, a gorgeous variety of cacti, and of course, the iconic Joshua Tree. It made for some much needed time to sit and take in all of the beauty of nature.

The best part by far was after the sun had set. The stars at night were incredible with a few shooting stars and satellites in the mix. It was a memorable way to kick off our trip and I'm already excited to plan another visit there.

Jeffrey and I didn't want to create too rigid of an itinerary, but we also knew we had to put in some serious miles to stay on schedule. Exploring new places on a whim is half the fun, but with certain restrictions in place, we weren't sure what would be available. But as we approached New Mexico we came across this trading post… and we couldn’t resist. And I found myself a pair of fringed moccasins.

Living in an RV is new to me, but one thing I do know is that if anyone could make it comfortable, it’s me. I brought along some of my favorite linen sheets and pillows, an extra throw and a mattress roll — it’s been great for the bed and pulling outside at night for a picnic. And, of course, it's been Nala approved.

Having a kitchenette has been very useful, especially in the time of social distancing and we made sure to stock up with our favorite groceries. We've enjoyed cooking simple meals together camp-side and brought a few jars of my favorite Raw-Nola for breakfast. And, most importantly, we’ve been keeping things clean with the Meliora All-Purpose Cleaner, and the Coconut & Lemon Hand Sanitizer is used on repeat and has been a life saver… and it makes the RV smell delicious too.

It’s Sunday morning as I hit send on this post and I’ve knocked some states off my bucket list. I had already been to Arizona, but New Mexico, Texas, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama have all been firsts...the last two have really grabbed my heart but I'm excited to see more states in the coming days...

I've always loved to travel, and usually it’s outside of the U.S. But seeing the beauty and diversity of this country after being at home for so long has put things into perspective and gotten my creative juices flowing. I’ll touch base again next week from the farm!

Happy Sunday wherever this finds you. Lots of love,


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    So fun Caroline! We are taking a road trip soon so I’m looking for tips! Glad y’all had an amazing time! Beautiful photos! See you soon! :)

    Jacie June 05, 2020

    This looks like such an inspiring trip and at an interesting and thought provoking time to see the country. The scenery and colours look incredible! Can’t wait to read more about your trip.
    Lots of love to you all
    Gail xxx

    Gail June 04, 2020

    Your trip and photos are awesome! You have inspired us to “hit the road”! Happy travels!

    Janice Doornbos June 03, 2020

    Hi Caroline! What an amazing trip you’re taking. And the photos are stunning.
    Wishing you and Jeffrey a great time!
    xos Laurie

    Laurie Deans June 01, 2020

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