Caroline Sets A Dreamy Thanksgiving Table

With Thanksgiving just a couple of weeks away, I've been feeling inspired to create some "normalcy" even if the gathering will be smaller. Celebrating the holidays is a lot about creating festive environments and preparing memorable meals, and there are still many ways to make an intimate setting feel special. A few weeks ago I shared my tips for creating a fall centerpiece and working with those same natural elements, I've incorporated my favorite table top details. Here is my preview of a dinner table setting for our Thanksgiving celebration, including a first look at my new collaboration with The Quiet Botanist.

I'm completely in my element when I design a table setting. There's something therapeutic for me about creating an inviting space for people to gather and experience great food, ambiance and conversation. Memories created, always embody one or all of these elements. I love drawing from Mother Earth to create a natural, effortless feel on my table top. For my centerpiece, I used a variety of foliage like gourds and pinecones and divided dried plants and grasses among a few vintage jugs (see full post here).

For the place settings, I started with these linen placemats that I've used time and again for casual and formal gatherings. Since I'm such a huge fan of old, textured wood, I don't typically use tablecloths. I set the placemats directly on our table to show the contrasting textures. On top of the placemats, I added pieces from my favorite handmade dinnerware collection. The organic shape, smooth texture and dark gunmetal hue is suitable for a variety of occasions. For this Thanksgiving table setting I'm using the dinner plate with the pasta bowl on top and the lace salad plate to the side. The pasta bowl is probably used most in our house. It's great for many things other than pasta, like salads, stews, curry, rice bowls, oatmeal and so much more.

I'm a big fan of linen napkins, whether used everyday or for more formal gatherings. I like how these hand-printed ones offset the dark tones around my table, and the natural color and soft wash works well with almost any flatware you have on hand. During the holidays I'm going to use small, handmade gifts as place setting details around the table. It adds a festive touch that guests can take home and enjoy throughout the season. This year I partnered with Hudson Valley botany shop, The Quiet Botanist to create custom-designed DIANI sage bundles.  These handmade bouquets feature seasonal dried flowers and grasses and double up as great gifts and beautiful table setting details. And, you can separate the sage bundle and burn around the home to clear any negative energy.

To complete each table setting, I pulled out two styles of stemware (see similar ones here and here)  and this vintage flatware. I always have a pair of these candles on hand to use with my vintage brass candlesticks. Lighting candles anywhere in the home, but especially at the dining table, instantly sets a mood and makes for lovely lighting. And to create an extra cozy vibe, I've layered in these vintage pillows and felted wool rugs on the bench and chairs.

Before the Thanksgiving feast is served, I like to lay out a few nibbles to eat before or during the meal. I picked up these delicious squash tarts from a local market. They're easy to heat up in a pinch and take a load off when you're busy cooking other dishes. I displayed them on a wooden cutting board (see a similar one here) along with a fresh baguette served with a side of olive oil and flaky sea salt in these small sauce bowls.

Whether you're setting the table this year for two or ten, creating a festive table top is a great reminder of why we gather together on Thanksgiving Day. I would love to hear how you're making your table festive this year. Leave a comment or send me an email at I look forward to hearing from you!

And, I'm excited to announce that we are back to being open on Sundays! Come by and say hi to us. We'd love to see you and show you all our new arrivals. 

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