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Article: Caroline’s Santa Barbara Home Refresh

Caroline’s Santa Barbara Home Refresh

Caroline’s Santa Barbara Home Refresh

After spending time away from our Santa Barbara home, I recently gave it some much needed love and a refresh. Our rooms are filled with natural light, so I wanted to embrace the brightness and lean into summery decor elements. With new handmade servingware in the kitchen, a few additions to my candle collection and a fresh batch of throw cushions and bedding, I was able to breathe new life into spaces that had become dull. Here’s a little tour showing what I did, plus some tips along the way…

Our living room has floor-to-ceiling glass doors that look out onto our back garden which lets beautiful natural light into the space, and I’ve always kept furniture here fairly neutral to let nature’s beauty shine. While some might warn you against all white couches, I love how ours act as a canvas for mixing prints and color palettes. I recently brought in new striped linen cushions (see here and here) which are new additions to my home store. The stripes have a playful but still sophisticated feel and always lend themselves to the summer season. 

If you know me, you know I love a good candle. We recently filled the store with these beauties and I’m obsessed with all the shapes. A modern work of art, these candles will instantly elevate any area of your home. I arranged the molecule, milk and hara candles together on our glass coffee table, among a few glass vases and greenery. I love how they look super intriguing grouped together, but can also easily stand on their own. I let the rose candle shine on a side table placed next to a wooden sculpture I found in Kenya, of a girl and boy kissing.

I believe that a bookshelf tells a lot about the heritage and life of those living in the home. Filled with books, photographs, works of art and collectibles, I’m always curating ours to express the story of our lives. Go-to design eye candy books on hand are Foxfire Living, a guide inspired by a magical inn in the Catskills, and Travel Home, a book I was featured in in collaboration with mother-daughter duo, Caitlin Flemming and Julie Goebel.

Much like our farmhouse in New York, this kitchen houses a mixed collection of my favorite serving ware and glassware. Through the years I've stuck with a neutral palette – white or off-white and clear glass, it keeps things looking clean and fresh, especially in an open plan home. For everyday use, I recently added in these handmade bowls and plates

I like to keep my everyday supplements on the kitchen counter so I remember to take them. This Collagen Protect is a must, especially in California's drier climate. I scoop it into my morning smoothie to help hydrate from the inside out. The Yin Power harmonizes the body’s entire system, specifically the feminine body. When I’m feeling off or run down, a scoop of this does the trick. The Green Adaptogen is another favorite for immune health, stress and overall wellbeing.

The natural light is one of my favorite features in our bedroom. It makes the space utterly dreamy, especially this time of year. To complement it, I like to use bedding that's neutral in color with subtle pops of print in the pillows and throws. For this refresh, I used this linen duvet in natural, with the matching natural linen flat sheet, fitted sheet and pillowcases. For character, I added this striped linen lumbar cushion and the result is a super simple, soothing summer bed.

For the side tables I did some decluttering and chose to let our wooden lamps be the statement piece here. I then added a few other decorative pieces like my favorite dandelion and heather paperweights, plus a few olive leaf branches from DIANI’s dried flower bar in a glass vase

I also swapped out the linens in our guest bedroom, as summer can bring last minute visits from friends. I used the linen duvet cover in pencil stripe with the matching flat and fitted sheet and pillowcases. I’m a big fan of stripes, so this print is one of my favorites. I like how it adds a subtle punch to a room while still feeling fresh. Plus, it’s fun to pair stripes with one of my new custom designed floral cushions.

To freshen up this rattan chair, I draped a felted fleece rug from The Living Rug Company over the seat. This beautiful one-of-a-kind rug is 100% cruelty free, vegetarian and made with lots of love. Each piece takes over a year to make, from the sheep growing the wool, to shearing, cleaning and felting the base. Collaborating with this company has become a passion project of mine and I love how the rug can instantly warm up any area of the home – whether it be the floor, a couch, or a chair.

It always feels good to give my home a summer refresh, especially after being away. I hope this has inspired you to swap out your bedding, add in some decorative cushions or simply bring in a new candle. Even the smallest changes to a space can make a big impact.

Sending lots of love,


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Chic & calm interiors. Just lovely. I am inspired!

Tracy Rochestie

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