Caroline’s List of Fall Essentials for the Home

Enjoying life’s little pleasures is what fall is all about. This time of year always brings about a particular feeling, a feeling the Danes call “hygge” —  a coziness for the soul. When the leaves change, I love to bring that feeling into my home, whether it be with a fall scented candle or a soft blanket to wrap up in at night with Jeffrey and Nala. I have a list of essentials that are just right to transition into Fall and I want to share those with all of you.

Recently, Santa Barbara has been delivering us cool, crisp air as the sun goes down, which has been a nice break from the summer heat we’ve been experiencing. It’s the perfect time to bring out my favorite cozy pillows and blankets. The Flocca Blanket is my personal favorite because of it’s plushy texture.

I love having candles burning in the house to warm and fill the spaces with seasonal flavors, and one of my favorite seasonal candles is our pumpkin fragrance candle. These candles are triple-scented which means you’ll be greeted by a beautiful aroma from beginning to end.

Getting out of bed on these cool mornings is made so much easier with my plush bathrobe. And it’s the perfect thing to throw on at the end of the day when I finally get to kick up my heels (or more usually, my Golden Goose sneakers) after a long day of running around.

I try to bring that cozy feeling of “hygge” to my dining room table as well. I love hosting dinner parties and there’s no better reason to do it than to celebrate autumn. Adding some festive decorations like white-colored pumpkins serves as a nice compliment to my handmade tableware. Bring on the butternut squash soup and pumpkin ravioli!


And of course, baking. What better way is there to warm up the kitchen than to make a batch of homemade cookies? Try ANY recipe from The Cookie Book – it makes the best gift to bring friends during this season.

It doesn’t take much to bring newness to the home as the seasons change. And I hope these ideas help bring a sense of “hygge” to your friends and family this autumn.

Caroline xo

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