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Article: Caroline Creates A Self Care Bedroom

Caroline Creates A Self Care Bedroom

Caroline Creates A Self Care Bedroom

Since spending the winter season in Upstate New York, I’ve been inside a lot which has given me the opportunity to really refine details in the rooms where we spend the most time. And whilst we’re in the middle of a renovation project downstairs, we’ve been hunkered upstairs. A few weeks ago I talked about how I create a spa-worthy bathroom, and this week I’m shifting my focus to the bedroom. Considering that we spend a third of our lives sleeping, it seems necessary that our bedroom be filled with the very best – from the softest bedding and soothing palette to fresh greenery, and the finest air quality. So here are my favorite items and a few tips for creating a self care bedroom.

Cultiver Linen Duvet

The cornerstone of any bedroom are the bed linens, so when making it a calming, self care space, I like to use natural fabrics in neutral tones that add warmth and character. Years ago I switched to linen bedding and haven’t looked back. Not only is linen made from natural flax fibers, it's temperature regulating too, so it's great for warm and cool sleepers alike.

My go-to linen sheet set and duvet covers are from Cultiver in the natural shade, but for this refresh I mixed in the pinstripe print. I swapped out my fitted and flat sheet for the stripes (see here and here), and kept the duvet cover in natural. I also updated my pillowcases with this pinstripe print set and added in this Silk Linen Pillowcase. Sleeping on silk has many benefits for your skin and hair, from reducing acne and wrinkles to preventing split ends and bed head. 

To top my bed, I continued with the neutral palette and added one of my custom designed throw cushions made with vintage fabric (see similar here and here). I also layered two new eco-friendly throws from Teixidors – set to arrive in stores and online soon, see similar styles here. This Barcelona-based cooperative uses traditional wooden looms and the highest quality raw materials to create beautiful blankets. I like to fold mine on top of my bed for that extra layer of warmth and also at the foot of my bed, draped over a vintage wooden bench. This makes it easy to grab and snuggle up when the room gets chilly, and the bench is also a great place to set your robe or extra throw cushions on.

Since we spend much of our time sleeping, and therefore breathing the air in our bedroom, keeping it clean is on the top of my self care list. A natural way to keep your indoor air clean is by coexisting with plants. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, plants also help to detoxify the air and are known to convert harmful chemicals like formaldehyde and benzene into oxygen.

We get little to no fresh air into our home during the winter months in New York, which is why an air purifier is a great solution for keeping indoor air quality clean and pollutants at bay. My favorite is the Air Mini from Molekule, which cleans up to 250 square feet, has a particle sensor and is super quiet too making it perfect for the bedroom.

Winters anywhere can really dry out skin, so having a humidifier in my bedroom has been a game changer. We use the Canopy Humidifier and it keeps my skin feeling hydrated and helps to alleviate any cold or allergy symptoms too.

To create a calming environment and help ease into my bedtime routine, I have a few essentials that I like to keep bedside. Lately I’ve been lathering on the Superlative Body Balm from Nature of Things, a soothing blend of CBD and plant botanicals that eases aches and pains, plus moisturizes skin with jojoba oil and shea butter. The Fortnight In September has been an uplifting page turner to help me wind down, as has lighting a candle. And a jewelry dish to keep all my treasures in one place is very handy to have close by.

Wrapping myself in a silky robe and fuzzy slippers is a favorite act of self care that I often neglect when I’m busy. So, as a daily reminder, I’ve been keeping both in my bedroom, which makes it convenient to slip on when I wake up. The silk-like feel of this robe (see similar here) is a favorite post bath and when lounging in bed.

And these 100% natural shearling slippers are a must for their chic style and cozy feel, plus the leather sole makes them durable enough to wear out and about too. The Montecito Rug ties the whole room together with its traditional, yet timeless print and vintage feel design. I've layered mine on top of a jute rug for added texture.

We repainted this room a couple of years ago and chose Strong White from Farrow & Ball. I had been looking for a white that had a warm, antique feel but without too much pigment. And this color looks beautiful at any time of day and is a perfect base for any palette you choose for bedding.

Aeyde Shearling Slippers

The simple act of refreshing the bedding or bringing an air purifier into the room can really impact your quality of sleep and overall well being. So now that my bedroom is equipped with all the best self care essentials, all I need to work on is getting to sleep earlier... well, a girl can dream, can't she?

Sending lots of love,


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