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After a busy holiday season, January tends to be a reset for my mind, body and home environment. With the clean up of the last bits of pine needles and chocolate truffle wrappers comes some reorganizing and reprioritizing of favorite pieces in my home. Currently we’re hunkered down at our farmhouse in New York where I’m working remotely while Jeffrey chips away at renovation projects. If you’re new around here, my husband, Jeffrey and I have a 1752 Dutch colonial farmhouse Upstate, and we’re slowly restoring this historic gem. Winters here keep us indoors a lot and so I thought I’d share what makes me happy at home and in my element.

A roaring fire is essential this time of year – we pretty much have one going at all times. And to make this area even cozier, I like to layer a few felted fleece rugs on the floor. Each one of these beautiful, 100% cruelty-free living rugs takes over a year to make – from growing the sheep’s wool, shearing and cleaning it, to felting the base. I've collected a few so far and they're already so well loved by everyone, including our dog, Nala.

Lighting candles during every season has become a beloved tradition. I used antique brass candlesticks (see similar here) on repeat during the holidays, but I like to keep them out throughout the year for dinner gatherings. Topped with these rope candles and tapers, they're the central feature on our table. An interesting shaped vase that reflects light adds some great texture on the table too and my favorite is this Balloon Vase which I've filled with early cherry blossom. I also like to scatter votive candles around the house, especially since it gets dark so early and adds just enough light to some dim spots. 

A favorite indoor activity in January is cozying up with a good book. And if you were gifted a few over the holidays, now is the perfect time to dive in. Currently on my coffee table is Old World Italian for cooking inspiration (we made the sage fritters and the Russe Mimi salad on NYE which were both delicious), Stones From The Inside with photography from the lens of Bill Wyman, Solace In Nature which bridges architectural design and nature, and Hollywood Dogs for a fun photo collection of film stars and their pups. And the latest book I was gifted was the new book by Annie Leibovitz called Wonderland covering her many encounters with celebrities and fashion over five decades. It's a gorgeous, visual feast for the eyes.

In the dead of winter, nothing cheers up our home like a vase with flowers. I love to scatter a variety of vases in different rooms and fill them with my favorite dried or fresh stems. This beautiful, original casement window is a favorite spot, where I’m currently burning the Winter Candle, which throws out scents of evergreen, mint and vanilla. For vases, I'm obsessed with these new stone ones  – the Oinochoe Vase and Isolated N. 21 Vase – both hand built in Spain using grog material and ancient techniques. 

I’m a firm believer in finding joy in the things we use most frequently. Putting fresh sheets, throw cushions and an extra cozy throw on my bed is an instant mood booster for me. Right now I’m using my favorite duvet, flat and fitted sheets, and pillowcases from Cultiver. Made with 100% pure linen and stonewashed for that coveted vintage feel, these sheets are effortlessly luxurious. And since linen is naturally temperature regulating, they work well for both warm and cool sleepers alike.

For an extra layer this time of year, I love the Mira Linen Bedcover in this neutral palette striped design. Fold it at the foot of the bed to pull up when needed, and keep it on hand in the summer months as a lightweight blanket. Pair it with the matching Mira Linen Cushion to complete your bedroom look or offset with the simpler Ana Cushion. And when only wool will do, the Tile Throw has a permanent spot on my bed, I'm in love with the subtle mosaic design and muted tones. Plus it was designed by renowned British architect, John Pawson who I've long admired.

During these winter days, I hope you keep finding pieces in your home that inspire you, and remind you that soon these shorter cozy days will stretch into the warm sunny days of spring. In the meantime, light a fire, wrap yourself in a blanket, and grab a good book! 

Sending lots of love from our home to yours,


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