An Ode To Floor Cushions

A fresh dump of snow earlier this week at the farm gave us the opportunity to enjoy another fireside hangout, which we know will be less frequent as spring comes knocking. With a winter of fireside nights under our belts, I’ve refined what cozy feels like and learned that, sometimes, a chair doesn’t quite get you close enough to the action. I’ve brought in a couple of new floor cushions in a very durable charcoal color that offer luxurious comfort and, so, for this week’s post, I’m showing you that lounging on the floor isn’t just for the outdoors.

When you’re cozied up on ground level, the simple addition of a floor cushion  or two will quickly make this the most sought after spot in the house. My favorite indoor cushions are these brand new large beauties handcrafted by Teixidors in Barcelona, using traditional wooden looms and the highest quality merino wool, hemp and cotton. The creation of each cushion follows a manual process, which makes them pretty special and one-of-a-kind. I also love how the new dark and durable charcoal shade makes them perfect for floor use, hiding unwanted dirt and pet hair.

Charcoal floor pillows by the fire.

Clearly, these floor cushions need to be shared with your furry friends. I often find our pup, Nala, curled up on one while she catches the sun spots each day.

As a roaring fire dies down, a throw comes in handy and I just stocked DIANI with my tried and true favorites including the new cashmere blend Granito Throw. It's handcrafted, using traditional wooden looms to create a beautiful work of art and is very soft and warm. And if the floor isn't your thing (hello husband), curling up on a low, deep seated chair with a felted sheep rug and this vintage linen cushion is just as cozy.

Wool floor cushions stacked fireside.

A low profile side table or coffee table can be a very useful addition to your fireside lounge space. It keeps your breakables off the floor but still within arms reach. I like to collect vases, especially handmade ones (see similar here and here) and sometimes just one stem of floral or foliage is enough. Here I added a branch of fresh eucalyptus. Fireplaces and candlelight go hand-in-hand and these tapers are always on had in our home along with my favorite antique brass candlesticks (see here and here). And what's a fireside hangout without a cocktail – I've been drinking mine out of a crystal whiskey glass and trading out my devices for this light inspirational reading to elevate my mood. 

Charcoal wool floor pillows stacked by a fireplace.

There’s something about sitting on the floor that feels like I'm tapping back into childhood and the spirit or freedom and play. So while we may still be in winter mode here, I have grand plans for these versatile cushions outdoors too. And, still with a cocktail, of course.

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