A New Project in New York – The Farm

This year has a lot in store for us at DIANI Living and one of our exciting projects takes us to the Hudson Valley, NY. We have started restoration on an 18th Century Farmhouse and will be bringing it back to all it’s glory with the help of local artisans and craftspeople. Step one was to make the chimney safe and sound so that we could have fires to make the place warm and cozy on those snowy Hudson Valley days and nights. Over the course of the restoration, we’ll be posting updates on the improvements as we make this amazing slice of history a home for another 265 years! Here’s a peek at the property and it’s surrounding barns.

The Farm 11

The Farm

The Farm 2

The Farm 5

The Farm 6

The Farm 8The Farm 4

The Farm 8

The Farm 10

The Farm 9

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