A Montecito Home Finds It’s Perfect DIANI Living Elements

At DIANI Living, our clients become our family, and we love working hand in hand with them to help create their dream homes. One of our clients was gracious enough to open the doors of their Montecito residence to let us add DIANI Living elements that would enhance their style.

In the first room we added elevated touches like these vintage floral pillows placed on top of ivory linen sheets with a flocca blanket. We then laid down a cotton blanket for a final touch at the foot of the bed.

To match the natural textured aesthetic that the room already had, we added a vintage wooden bench to tie it all together. Creating a personal space is all in the details. For the side table, our client added a collection of books, including The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up, along with some greenery and personal photographs.

For the next bedroom, we decided to mix and match a variety of pillows in grey and ivory. We wanted to tie in prints with the floral pillow and this striped bolster cushion as the centerpiece of the bed. Last but not least we topped it off with a linen throw. And adding a practical element like a Lifeguard Hat on the wall, makes the bedroom feel even more personal and lived-in.

We wanted to personalize and cozy up the corner desk, so over it we draped a super lightweight towel, and brought in a vintage caned chair.

For the third bedroom, we went with a darker grey linen sheet set with a grey batik pillow as the focal point. And then we carried the grey tones up onto the wall with one of our favorite photographic prints, Ghost Trees, shot on the Masai Mara by Jeffrey Doornbos, DIANI Living co-founder.

For the last, and final bedroom, we wanted to elevate the airy and light feeling that naturally exists. And we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. We simply took elements from previous rooms, and mixed and matched them in a different way to create a totally different feel. We chose an ivory linen sheet set for bedding and another vintage floral linen pillow, but this time we chose an oversized herringbone throw as our final piece.

In this room we were able to play with the space and create some furniture moments. We paired the cane arm chair with a vintage wooden stool and a living green accent from our Botany Bar. And for a little levity, we hung another one of our favorite photographic prints, “One Sheep Two Sheep”, shot by Jeffrey. 

A huge thank you to our client for letting us into her home. And if you’re interested in having us help you with your interior design or construction projects, large or small, contact care@dianiboutique.com. We would be honored to help you!

Caroline xo



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