A Fall Basket Styled by Caroline Diani

When it comes to seasonal decorations in my home, fall is one of my favorite times of year. And with October in full swing, and Halloween just around the corner,  I’ve been playing around with elevating this season’s decorations, and have landed on the idea of making a pumpkin basket for my foyer…a great way to use everyday essential items!

First things first: the basket. I looked for one with the right amount of height and structure. The shape of the basket is extremely important to consider because it will need to hold up with the heaviness of the pumpkins. I chose to use our large Braided Raffia Basket.

Once I found the basket, I filled it about ¾ full with pillows & throws. I only want to put pumpkins on the top instead of filling the whole thing with them, so filling it with pillows will help the basket maintain its structure. You could also use old newspaper.

At the top, I picked out one of my favorite fall throws that has a little wow-factor… complete with fringed detail and warm color tones. In this case, I placed the Alta Throw on top, with a corner hanging over the side to showcase the knotted macrame fringe.

Now it’s time to pick out the pumpkins! Just head to your nearest pumpkin patch and pick out an array of different shapes, colors and sizes. I chose an orange fantasy pumpkin as my biggest size, and surrounded it with smaller, white colored pumpkins. Don’t be afraid to mix and match!

For the last element of the basket, I added a brown pampas grass. The feathery texture is trending for fall decor and adds some additional height to the piece. And, voila! The fall basket is complete. As I’ve said before, autumn always inspires me to get creative, and I will be sharing more ideas on the blog throughout the season.

Caroline xo

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